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Deferred Billing - Our Multiple Payment Plan Option for Credit Cards.

Many of you are running programs that are expensive. To make it easier for families to pay over time, you may set up any of your programs to automatically charge a credit card up to two additional, pre-defined payments.

1. How is it Setup?

First, setup the first program in the normal manner. Then check the Deferred box and Submit.
The Deferred button will now be available next to the Clone button. Click this to setup the payment plan.
Clone Deferred
This is what you will see. You have a choice of two or three total payments. If you just want a deposit and a final payment, do not enter the 2nd payment date or amount

Program Details
In this example, a family will be charged $500 when registering, $500 on Sept. 1 and a  final payment on November 30. The installment payments are AUTOMATIC and Credit Card only. 
Next, Clone the program as many times as necessary and adjust accordingly.

2. How Does it Work?

When a family gets to the checkout screen, they will see this if there is a Multiple Plan option available:
Payment Selection
If a family prefers to pay by check, they will not be offered the playment plan.

3. What does it cost? 

There is a $5 Admin Fee, paid by the parent. There are no additional fees and you will not have to remind people to make their payments. An email is sent automatically to the families reminding them that their credit card will be charged with the date and the amount.