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Update Progress

Wanted to share a few updates that we've made since yesterday.  I've placed them in summary here.  There are quite a few, so you might want to read this... 

- Scott Baetz

Club Registrar

We made two updates in this area.  First, we've updated the Age Group Display.  Sue Ruether came up with an excellent suggestion - and thank you Sue!  We are now displaying the Age Group as shown below. This should ease the "Oh My Gosh, why isn't this age group dialog box sorted properly?" nightmare.

Age Group Window

Second, we are standardizing all the listing pages, moving the check boxes to the left hand side of the display.  We are also placing a check box on the top of the page (which should indicate that if you check this box - then all check boxes below are immediately checked as well).

Club Registrar Header


Team Management

We've added the Drop Down in the form of a (+) next to the column title Coach. When you select this (+), the individual team listings will expand to display ALL coaches associated with the team.  We've also added the Download as a CSV (which includes all coaches at all times).

Team Management

Compare Seasons

We've moved the check all function (as mentioned previously) to the left hand side of the list - to standardize the interface between pages.

Member Maintenance

When searching by the email address, we now search both the primary and the secondary email addresses.  

Family Financial

  • Bug Fix - corrected the situation when a check was applied and the family total balance would not calculate correctly.  Because the check wasn't being registered as part of the invoice.  
  • Bug Fix - removed the deferred billing invoice line item - which has no place on the invoice. 

What Next?

At this point we are trying to implement as many of the suggestions as provided to us as we can.  We will be releasing the ability to add users shortly!  Please continue to send your suggestions to