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AOL email address cannot be used to send blast email and other changes

We have identified the reason for a slowdown in the outgoing blast email queue. It was using an AOL email address to send email to other AOL addresses.

AOL will not allow an email sent from outside their system to another AOL email account. The emails get stuck in our outgoing email queue and eventually may or may not be delivered. To solve the problem, we request that those of you with AOL accounts use a different email account to access our administrative software.

If you have an Admin Sports (ATLAS) website, we can create a url specific email address for you, similar to

If you have a Gmail, Yahoo, Mac or almost any other account, you should use that. If you don't have one, you should login to Google mail (Gmail) or the like and create an email similar to or similar. We can help if you need it.

To change your email, look at the menu on the lower left with your name and click on My Account. Click Edit.

Our new code is using our webmaster email account in place of AOL to make sure the emails go through. The reply to address is correct on these emails.

You may notice the the sender's email was temporarily changed from your name <your email address> to AdminSports <your email address>. This has been corrected.

Sorry for any inconvenience.