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Roster Bulk Emailer for BAYS and In Town Programs

Instead of opening each team to email rosters to team officails, we now have bulk emailing directly from the Team Management Console.

Important Note: When sending rosters to BAYS Directors or the BAYS Registrar, be sure to select PDF Version ONLY. Their copy will be properly named.

  1. Go to Team Management and search for teams by season. 
  2.  Select the roster checkbox for the teams you want to receive rosters.  If you want all, click the checkbox at the top of the column. 
  3. Click the Email Roster button.
  4. A dialog will appear. Select the boxes for all of the rosters you are sending. For BAYS, select the Division Director box. Select PDF Roster only. In this case travel teams' rosters will automatically be sent to the correct BAYS division directors. Fill in the optional message and Submit.
  5. Select MTOC teams separately and send the to BAYS registrar.