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Soccer- Player Card Printing on Plain Card Stock Updated March 25

Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association will now allow you to print on plain card stock instead of the USYSA supplied stock. Those of you in other states will need to check with your league or state association.

You will need to purchase Avery 5390, "Name Badge Insert Refills." There are 8 on a sheet. Amazon has them for around $17 for 400. When I checked Staples, it was $24.

You will have to email parents on the teams afffected and instruct them to login and go to their family page. Once there, they will click on the child's name and upload a digital head shot. They will only have to do this once or at least until they age out of the picture.

Here is the Tutorial Part 1 - Member Picture Editing

The picture of the player or coach must be 200 pixels at its longest edge. It is OK to be taller than wide although a square is fine. This tutorial will walk you through preparing a picture. You should share this link with your parents and coaches . They do not have to leg in to see it. 

Tutorial Part 2 - Uploading Player or Coach's Picture

Rules for Blast Email Attachments

Blast email allows you to add an attachment, subject to these limitaitons:

1. The attachment must be less than 1 megabyte. That will eliminate most color documents.

2. Commercial flyers are not allowed. It turns into an almost automatic spam message and slows down our system.

Please Do Not Send Sponsor or Commercial Email Using the Blast Function

Sending an email blast naming a sponsor, a 20% off sale, a discount or any other related email is a violation of the can-spam act since the sender is not the company that is offering it. In some case, we are seeing a 10% bounce rate which means the ISPs consider it potential spam.

At least 4 clubs have sent this type of email this mornining alone. The result may be a slowdown on delivering all email to Verizon, Comcast, Yahoo, Gmail and AOL domains. 


Back to School Savings: Get Faster & Jump Higher this FALL!

Appreciation Weekend - Sports Authority AUGUST 23 & 24

New Tutorial: Adding Volunteers after the Fact


  • How do I add a parent as a volunteer who did not volunteer when the child was registered?
  • How do I add a Volunteer without a child in a program?
Click Here or click on Add Volunteers in the Tutorial Menu

Shellshock Security Update

On September 24 a new software vulnerability was reported, known as Shellshock (Bash Bug).  As your partner, we want to keep you informed about this important issue.  

Most non-windows operating systems (e.g., Linux, Unix, and Mac) used by computers, routers, websites, servers etc. are affected by this vulnerability.  There is reason to be concerned, but it is too early to panic.  At AdminSports we immediatly applied the protective patches generated by our software vendors.  We have tested our systems for vulnerability and are pleased to say that we, and you, remain protected.

If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us

Data Display for Adding Players to a Team Now Includes School

Thanks to a suggestion by Nancy D, Jason has added School data to the Add Players display routine.

MA Youth Soccer Affiliation File Tutorial

Soccer clubs in Massachusetts must submit this file at least twice a season.

Click Here for the tutorial.

AdminSports & Heartbleed Security Update

On April 7, 2014, researchers disclosed a vulnerability in a technology called OpenSSL that powers encryption across much of the internet. The vulnerability is commonly known as the "OpenSSL Heartbleed Flaw."

Our team took immediate action to secure AdminSports infrastructure against this flaw. We closed any exposure that might have existed and wanted to let you know that AdminSports is not vulnerable to the Heartbleed flaw.

Although we have no reason to believe that any part of our service has been improperly accessed due to this vulnerability, as a matter of best practice we would like to recommend that all our customers reset their passwords. To reset your password, visit My Account and change your password in the Login Details section of your Account Page.

Thank you for being a great customer. Have a great season!

How to filter Junk Mail on your AdminSports ATLAS email account

Our email accounts are now IMAP. Follow these steps to trap junk or spam mail before it gets to your inbox.

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your username (your full email account) and your password.
  3. Choose Settings in upper right corner of the webmail screen:
  4. On the left side Settings column, choose Account. Under Section, choose Junk.
  5. Select Policy = Normal and check the box "Move Spam Emails to Junk Directory."

Be sure to save this setting.

Important Information for our Clients with Email Accounts


This last week we made a significant change to our email servers. Please email Webmaster to confirm that your account is working properly, if you have not already done so. Please let us know if you have any issues with your email.


We have moved your account to a more robust platform, and you should expect increased reliability, reduced spam and overall a better set of tools. For example, our new webmail tools which can be found at Just login with your email address and your password.

Temporary Password: U6pHn3s


If you want to setup your computer's email client (perhaps Outlook, AppleMail) we have prepared explicit directions for you to follow:


As part of the upgrade, we needed to provide you a temporary password, which we have provided to you separately. We want you to update your password, please follow these instructions:


We are are always eager to assist you in your endeavors, and if we have missed anything, or if you need additional help - please don't hesitate to contact us asap. In the meantime, please share with us any concerns you may have. But we really need you to respond in any case, even if things are just fine, so we can in fact confirm your account is working!

Thank you for your patience during this change.

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