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How to Embed an Email Hyperlink in a Blast Email

Step 1 - Type your text in the body of the email.

For example: "Send an email to Your Name."

Step 2 - Highlight the text you want people to click on to send the mail. In this example, I use Your Name:

"Send an email to Your Name."

Step 3 - While highlighted, click on the link icon. 

This dialog will pop up. Enter and Insert.

The result is "Send an email to Your Name."

Block or Remove Access to Admin Users

Registrars have the ability to block users with Admin access. It can be used on a temporary basis or permanently.

When you want a user deleted, please block the user at the time of the request. This will prevent them from accessing the software immediately. Their removal just becomes our housekeeping task.

Step 1: Click Contact Data

Step 2: Block User

Check the box next the name of the person or persons you want blocked.

Select Block the selected users and click Execute. You will have to confirm the action.

To permanently remove them, email Support.

Issue Credit Card Credit

Members of the AdminSports development team are constantly working to enhance elements of the registration experience that you bring to our attention.  Today we release one of the most significant new features. Below we describe Credit Card refunds, and detail the steps you will need to follow to create a Credit Card refund.  

Credit Card Refunds

You can issue a credit card refund when you have a credit balance not checked out.  This most frequently happens as a result of:

  • Player withdrawn, the system will enter a credit for the full amount, not checked out. 
  • Issuing a whole or partial refund to a family, you will need to enter an Admin Credit, not checked out.

Credit Card Refund - Charges

When you issue a credit card credit there is a $0.50 pass through transaction fee that will be charged for each credit issued.  In addition, Visa, MasterCard and AmEx do NOT refund the fees already paid for the original transaction. For this reason, many clubs assess a 5% or 10% fee when they grant a refund to a family. 

Automatic Not Checked Out Removal is Live, Requires Setup

We have activated Not Checked Out Automatic Removal.

Step 1. Activate and set the parameters. Begin by clicking Registration Removal in the maintenance menu.

Step 2. Choose your options.

  • Check the box, Enable Featureset. This turns it on.
  • Set the time of the first reminder, 60 minutes or overnight.
  • Set the reminder frequency, Every day to once a week.
  • Set the number of reminders, from 1 to 7 or unlimited,
  • Check the box, Registration Removal. This activated the process. Without this, it is a hollow warning.
  • Enter the Removal Notification address. This email will receive a notice before the registration is removed.
  • Set the total time before the registraiton is removed, from 5 to 21 days. The consensus was 14.
  • Click Save. This will start the clock ticking and set the proper dates.

Embed Video into your ATLAS website - New Option

We now offer the ability to easily embed You Tube video into your ATLAS website. Becasue of the coding involved, there is a one time charge of $100 to initialize.

1. Create a You Tube account for yourself or use the one we will create for your club. Upload your video.

2. Copy the video URL.

3. Login to your ATLAS website as a user. You must have editor privileges.

4. In the black menu above the header, click on Content Management / Create content / Page

MOTD Index

New Changes in the Software

Over the last few weeks we have quietly released some updates to our software. You may have used them already and we hope the new items will make your job easier.

Club Registration Report

First, for those of you with access to the Financial Reports Menu, we have created the Club Registration Report. This report will summarize the payment totals between two dates listing total checks, fee waivers, check refunds, American Express, MasterCard & Visa amounts. Credit card credits are there for the impending release of the new credit card credit function.

All New Contact Data List

For those of you with access to the Club Maintenance Menu, check out the new Contact Data routine. Registrars are now able to see the current list of their members with all levels of access. The registrar may also block or unblock anyone's access. To create a new contact, click on Insert New Contact. To change the level of access, email us.

Admin Credit & Admin Fee, Checked Our: Yes or No?

Now when you apply an Admin Credit or Fee on the financial page, you choose whether or not it should be checked out. A tutorial will be available this week.

Check numbers are no longer required for Check Refunds.

New Parent's Code of Conduct Waiver available

A Parent's Code of Conduct is available as an optional third waiver, listed after the Liability and Medical waivers. If you would like to add it, just email Support with the name of your club and we will do so ASAP. Once added, a parent must select Yes to continue.

Here is the wording. The name of your club will appear where it says "any newclub[clubname].

Email Blast Changes - Because Your Messages are NOT SPAM!

To Everyone with Admin Access from Scott Baetz

I want to provide you with an update on our email services and share with you a change that we need to make in order to continue to provide the many thousands of emails per day that collectively you are sending.

It has come to our attention that as we crossed the daily threshold from 20k+ emails per day we are being held to a higher standard by recipient servers.  This really shouldn't come as a surprise, when we are sending upwards of 5k emails to a single vendor (like Comcast, AOL, verizon and a host of other large vendors) they take notice.

Blast Email Attachment Changes

Beginning tomorrow, attachments sent through the bulk mailer are going to be handled different. We have upgraded our system to be able to handle multiple attachments and take some load off of our mail servers at the same time. When you attach a file to your email, it will be instead uploaded to our server, and a link to the file will be sent in the email. This file will be available on our servers for one month. After that time, the file will be deleted from our servers. If you have any concerns about this update please contact

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