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Age chart for Soccer: Fall 2012 - Spring 2013

Click here to download the Soccer Age chart for Fall 2012 - Spring 2013.

New - Merge Coaches

We have released the Merge Coaches program. This is used to combine multiple instances of one person.

For instructions, choose Merge Coaches in the tutorial menu or just click here.

Update - Bulk Emailer for Rosters - Now sent from login email address

We have released the new Bulk Roster Emailer. Instead of opening each team to email rosters to team officails, we now have bulk emailing directly from the Team Management Console.

Updated April 9 - The sender is now the email address of the person logged in, not the club email address.

Step 1 - Go to Team Management and search for teams by season. 

Step 2 - Select the roster checkbox for the teams you want to receive rosters.  If you want all, click the roster checkbox at the top of the column. 

Step 3. Click the Email Roster button.

This dialog will appear. Select the boxes for all of the rosters you are sending. If your league participates in our email roster program, select the proper box, in this case travel teams' rosters will be automatically sent to the correct BAYS division directors. Fill in the optional message and Submit.

Team Rollover and Registered Player Rollover Added

Instructions for Rolling over a team and optionally, players, are in the Tutorial Menu on the left. You can delete a team and roll it over again, this time with registered players.

Or, click here.

US Lacrosse Validation now available

Lacrosse programs may include membership validation with US Lacrosse prior to registration. Please contact support for more information.

How does this work? When a family clicks on registration, we compare the name, birthdate and zip code with the US Lacrosse database and within seconds they will either proceed with registration or see this error message.

FID Added to Family Info Page

We have added the FID (Family ID) to the family info page. When emailing support with a question about a family, we request the FID be included. It is on the financial page and now the family page.

Tip - How to Embed a Hyperlink in a Blast Email

Step 1 - open a browser window and copy the url you want to use. In this tutorial, I will use the Apple site. The complete url is

Step 2 - type your text in the body of the email. In this example, I type "Click Here" to go to the Apple website.

Step 3 - highlight the text for the link, in this example Click Here will be highlighted. Once you highlight text, this icon will become available:

Step 4 - clink this icon and paste the url in the box "Link URL" and click Insert.


Here is the finished sentence: Click Here to go to the website.

Reverse Withdrawn Updated

If you withdraw a player's registration and later change your mind, removing the not checked out credit will reverse the process.

Short Term Development List

Monday we hosted a luncheon and development discussion for users near Natick, MA. Our goal was to share upgrade ideas and requests and discuss things we could improve. We intend to complete most if not all of these within 60 days.

If you have other short or long term requests, email Dick Fischman and I will share it with the staff. This is the list, some are relatively easy and others complicated. 

  • Legal name - add new field, legal name, for the CORI process.
  • Jersey numbers - when a player is assigned a number on a roster, if they don't already have a default number, set or update it with a button
  • Merge coaches - similar to the merge family or merge player process.
  • Make coach inactive.
  • Investigate the use of manage volunteers in the process - this is long term
  • Add additional volunteer button on family page to allow second parent to volunteer.
  • Daily registration summary email - group by incomplete, checked out, purchases, wait list.
  • Coach email - When volunteering, don't default to family email, make email required, javascript "Is this the correct email for the coach?"
  • Club registrar - add a column for "V" signifying a parent has volunteered.
  • Club registrar - clear button on all searches.
  • Club registrar - add the ability to search on school
  • Club registrar - remove wait list search persistence
  • Manage coaches download - Add selection for multiple seasons
  • Create a new age group or town discrepancy report.
  • Blast email multiple rosters at once from Team Management
  • Reverse player registration from withdrawn to original program.
  • Add Family ID (FID) to the family page.

Team Name Added to Roster Email Subject

We have added the team name to the Subject line for rosters sent through team management.

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