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Attention Club Treasurers!

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QuickBooks Logo

Are you currently using QuickBooks to track your club's financials? Do you think having a dedicated export from us with all of your clubs' details would be great? If so, we want to talk to you! We have some plans in our forecast to get YOU the information you need. Please, don’t hesitate to call (603) 818-8005 or email me (Robert) when you can!

Tutorial: How to Setup a New Season

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Click Here for this tutorial or choose Setup a New Season in the Tutorial Menu

AdminSports Password Recovery & Login Problems

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If you receive an email from a person having trouble logging into an existing account or trying to retrieve a password, claiming it never comes, most likely they are not using the correct link for registration. Most are trying to login to your club website, or's admin link or some unknown location.

Your first step should be to send them the correct registration link for your organization. If they insist that doesn't work, look up their account and make sure they are using the same email address.

If it is a password issue, just reset it for them.

If all else fails, forward their email to [email protected].

AdminSports Admin Portal

Welcome to the Admin Portal, the unified sports registration system by AdminSports. What are you looking for?

I'm an athlete or parent looking for registration

Your club has a special registration link you need to use—you can't get there from this page. Go to your club's website and find their registration link so you can arrive at the right place.

I'm a club admin or registrar

If you're logging into manage a club or team, continue to log in here.

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