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Updated: US Youth Soccer Age Groups for 2016-2017 Soccer Year

We have updated the soccer Age display for the 2016-2017 soccer year. It will appear in all listings in Club Registrar and in the Roster Creation software.

All players previously registered for this summers' camps and fall registration have been updated. Please report any errors.

Click here for a copy of the USYS New Age Groups.

Click here for the BAYS League explanation of its new Grade/Age groups.

Tutorial to Insert New MA Youth Soccer / USSA Soccer Waiver - May 17

Click here for the instructions.

Click here for the Optional Photo, Video, Audio Waiver Instructions.

Logos Removed from Blast Email due to Spam Issues

Regrettably, we have had to remove your club's logo from all blast email. AOL, Yahoo, Amazon Cloud Serices and other major providers were reporting some or all of the blast emails with the logos as spam. At this point, there is no work around.

New Youth Soccer Grade Standard for Fall 2016-Spring 2017.

Youth soccer is moving from the traditional age groups U-14, U-12, etc) to a grade based system with a maximum age. In essence, most children will play in their grade.

We have put together a new chart for setting up your programs. Click here to download.

If you need help setting up your programs, please email Dick.

Soccer: Print Coaches Cards in a Batch

This is for league soccer teams that need to print coaches cards in a batch, not by team.

Step One- Go to Team Mangement / Manage Coaches. Select the season and choose Cuurent Position = Is Assigned.

Step 2 - At this point, the will be a new button, Print Cards. You will also there is a checkbox for selecting those coaches to print.

If the team is a proper travel league, setup in AdminSports, the correct data and registrars name will be printed on the cards.

Registrars- Please send the proper link to families to upload pictures!

When you send a blast email to those families that need to upload player or coach's picture, please include the proper link to login. We are getting inundated with people trying to login either to our Admin Software or your website.

Soccer- Player Card Printing on Plain Card Stock Updated March 25

Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association will now allow you to print on plain card stock instead of the USYSA supplied stock. Those of you in other states will need to check with your league or state association.

You will need to purchase Avery 5390, "Name Badge Insert Refills." There are 8 on a sheet. Amazon has them for around $17 for 400. When I checked Staples, it was $24.

You will have to email parents on the teams afffected and instruct them to login and go to their family page. Once there, they will click on the child's name and upload a digital head shot. They will only have to do this once or at least until they age out of the picture.

Here is the Tutorial Part 1 - Member Picture Editing

The picture of the player or coach must be 200 pixels at its longest edge. It is OK to be taller than wide although a square is fine. This tutorial will walk you through preparing a picture. You should share this link with your parents and coaches . They do not have to leg in to see it. 

Tutorial Part 2 - Uploading Player or Coach's Picture

Rules for Blast Email Attachments

Blast email allows you to add an attachment, subject to these limitaitons:

1. The attachment must be less than 1 megabyte. That will eliminate most color documents.

2. Commercial flyers are not allowed. It turns into an almost automatic spam message and slows down our system.

Online Sports Registration and Administration

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We provide your town or club with the ability to completely manage your program

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    Note: the competitors that do offer a guarantee, state 70% after 3 years.
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  • Create teams, email official rosters to coaches, assistant coaches, managers.
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  • Manage coaches and volunteers.
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